20-30 mins


10 - 1000

Difficulty - 4/5

  • Breaking Silos
  • Collaboration
  • Team Work
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • High Engagement
  • Conference
  • Offsite
  • Annual Day
  • R&R’s (Recognition and Rewards)
  • Family Day
  • Orientation
Amidst the busiest season, a shocking revelation emerges: your boss has been kidnapped by a rival company, jeopardizing your firm’s prosperity. Now, your team must race against time and competitors to solve clues and rescue your leader, securing your company’s future. Incorporate your CEO* in the game! *Founder, CEO, Manager, VP, anyone you like


Enter the realm of virtual escape rooms! Teams dive headfirst into a thrilling race against the clock, where they must work together, collaborate, and crack codes to solve challenging clues. This virtual escape room experience is perfect for bringing the excitement of escape rooms to remote teams. It promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and effective communication among participants. As teams interact, decode, and conquer, they’ll experience the thrill of the escape room from the comfort of their own devices. If you’re seeking a unique and engaging team-building activity for remote groups, this one is sure to delight.


Your BOSS is kidnapped by a competitor, jeopardizing your company’s success. Teams compete to rescue the BOSS first and claim bonuses. Can your team solve the clues and save the day in this high-pressure race against the clock? You can also incorporate your company’s CXO in the game.
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