60 mins


10 - 1000


  • Communication
  • Values & Culture Based
  • Collaboration
  • Team Work
  • Mind Stimulating
  • Problem Solving
  • Manager Training
  • Offsite
  • Orientation
-Effective comunication
-Design Thinking


In this activity, participants take on different roles – senior managers, middle managers, and front-end executives – tasked with producing a set number of similar products within a defined timeframe. The twist: only the CEO possesses the project instructions. Managers must communicate the CEO’s guidance to front-end executives responsible for product creation. This unique challenge encourages effective teamwork, collaboration, and timely communication as teams work together to meet project deadlines and guidelines. It’s an eye-opening exercise in the significance of interpersonal chemistry within an organization.

Why Choose This Activity

Our Interpersonal Chemistry activity is ideal for enhancing communication and collaboration within your team. By adopting roles that mimic a corporate hierarchy, participants will work together to complete a client project, promoting effective information sharing and teamwork. This activity is perfect for fostering a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics within your team and improving overall communication, making it an excellent choice for team-building events, corporate training, and conferences.
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