30-90 mins

Indoor / Outdoor

10 - 1000


Breaking the ice
Team work

Inoffice engagements
Orientation/Induction programs
Sales meet

-Scalable from 10 to 500s of employees can play at a given time
-A mix bag of logical reasoning, teamwork and personal upliftment
-High energy and interaction
-Perfect icebreaker


InsideOut is an exhilarating team challenge that offers an action-packed hour of intriguing challenges, teamwork, and the coveted bragging rights. This gamified experience revolves around three vital aspects of work and life: Mind, Body, and Teamwork. Participants embark on a quest to solve clues and tackle meaningful challenges, earning points by successfully completing entertaining photo and video-based tasks. The innovative and immersive challenges require collaborative efforts, not only within teams but also with other teams, cultivating camaraderie and friendly competition.

Why Choose This Activity

Whether you’re hosting a day-long conference and wish to infuse excitement and energy within just 15-60 minutes, or planning an offsite event and aiming to kickstart it on a high note, InsideOut is the perfect choice. It serves as an exceptional icebreaker, encouraging participants to interact, connect, and inject a dose of fun and excitement into your event, all with minimal setup requirements. The beauty of InsideOut is its adaptability—it can be seamlessly conducted in almost any location, making it incredibly versatile for various events.
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