The Three Leadership Lessons To Increase Productivity, Profits And Prosperity

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3 Leadership Lessons

Many times, we come across different challenges in an organization. This could be regarding thinking dynamics of the team, communication, ownership, lack of motivation or acknowledgment. What could be an easy way to counter such challenges as a leader?

Here are 3 leadership lessons which comes from one of the best-selling books and based on the leadership philosophy developed by Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles called Gung ho!

The Three Core Principles Are:

  • The spirit of the squirrel
  • The way of the beaver
  • The gift of the goose

They focus on helping you build a highly motivated and productive team by creating a sense of purpose, empowering individuals, and fostering a positive and supportive work environment.

  • The spirit of the squirrel, talks about the importance of having a clear goal or mission that inspires and motivates the team.
  • The way of the beaver, focuses on building an efficient and effective system for achieving that goal.
  •  The gift of the goose, highlights the importance of showing appreciation and recognition for the efforts and contributions of team members.

Keeping the following principles in mind, we could base the three leadership lessons on same philosophy.

Keeping The Mission And Vision Clear To The Teams:

Discussing the importance of having a clear and compelling purpose that inspires team members. Exploring ways to communicate the mission and vision effectively to the team, ensuring that everyone understands the ultimate goal and their role in achieving it.

Enhancing Empowerment And Accountability In Teams:

Building an efficient and effective system for achieving the team’s goal. Finding ways to empower team members, giving them the autonomy and support they need to excel in their roles. Emphasizing on the importance of accountability, setting clear expectations regarding the results. Making teams realize the difference between accountability and responsibility is important too.

3 Leadership Lessons

Then comes the most important part…

Recognition And Celebration For All Milestones:

Showing appreciation and recognition for the efforts and contributions of team members, has its own magic to the whole dynamics of the team. It is Important to create a positive and supportive work environment, where team members feel valued and appreciated. Also explore ways to celebrate successes and milestones, reinforcing the team’s sense of purpose and accomplishment.

One of our activity which best help you incorporate these principles to action is geo hunt Olympics.

As an activity it has all the factors you would want in an ideal team engagement session. A hunt design specifically for your team where you find the clues and do different physical challenges with your team. At the same time, it also involves an amazing technology which has a user-friendly outlook of the web-based platform with some amazing components of Augmented reality.

GHO as an activity helps in testing aspects like how clear your team is towards the mission as the completing just the hunt itself is not enough but the Olympic challenges too. This will motivate you to empower the team members according to the strategies and strength pertaining to the physical challenges. Ending with high energy while enjoying and appreciating the results but also understanding with the facilitator “How” we could have done it better?

Overall, this could be an effective philosophy that offers a powerful framework for building a highly motivated and productive team. By focusing on purpose, empowerment, and recognition, leaders can create a culture of excellence that drives success for everyone involved.

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