The Characteristics of Amazing Company Culture

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Characteristics of amazing company culture
Characteristics of amazing company culture

Business owners and management often wonder what the secret ingredient for attracting and holding onto talent really is. Over and above the obvious answer (MONEY!), is it perks? A good coffee machine in the pantry? Table tennis in the recreation room? Days off as rewards?

Well, we think that relationships at a workplace matters more than any of the above.

One might think it is tough to build these relationships, but we think differently. To help, we’ve identified seven areas to focus on to not only improve your company culture but also retain the best and help motivate the team to develop and grow.

These are what we think the seven elements are:


Personal connection creates mental and emotional stimulation, and those things are automatic mood boosters, while isolation is a mood buster. Humans are an intensely social species. The importance of unity in the workplace also extends to giving back to the community. The ideals of unity and community create conditions for better employee cooperation.

Creating a sense of community in the workplace that encourages this can include:

  • Celebrating special events
  • Acknowledging extra efforts
  • Rewarding employees
  • Sharing profits
  • Avoiding layoffs at all costs


People, especially employees, place a high value on fairness. If everyone in the business feels like they are getting a fair opportunity consistently, there will be fewer issues with favoritism and politics.

It is important to note that this is not necessarily referring to just fair pay. Pride in the workplace due to ethical and equal treatment is just as important.

Trustworthy Management

According to some research, 83% of employees require management’s actions to match its words. Trustworthy, credible, and personable managers’ impact:

  • Employee retention
  • Workplace satisfaction
  • Employees recommending their company
  • Motivation for extra effort 


Workplaces with innovative cultures see an added benefit of employee loyalty, confidence, and willingness to go the extra mile. Employees at innovative companies are four times more likely to openly express to others that they are proud of their workplace, states research. Therefore, this is an important one!


Companies that trust their employees to work flexible hours autonomously see more dedicated and engaged employees. As a result, this allows for greater work-life balance. Therefore, staff feel trusted to meet their targets in a way that is conducive to their lives.


Every company says it values employees, but how many show it? How do you tackle an issue that’s spread across your entire company? One of the best ways to address work culture and relationships is with team building. Gifting your employees fun, power packed days of unwinding, and ensuring this is regular, shows that you care about them outside of work. You care about them to spend some time away from their system and get together to just have some fun and share some laughs! Team building can be a fun and rewarding way to build relationships and instill a positive workplace culture. In conclusion, you’ll put your company on a path to an amazing company culture.

Opportunity For Advancement

Another thing that employees value is opportunity for growth and development. People don’t want to feel like they’re in a dead end job. They want the ability to grow, develop their skills, and move upward. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to help upskill employees so they can reach their full potential and give them room for growth. 

At TBGC, we have a wide variety of professional development programs that you can use to up skill your employees. If you take the time and effort to help your employees grow, it will pay dividends later. 

Want something that you can do for your employees that encourages socialization and culture? TBGC’s range of games can help you, and your colleagues try something new and build a great company culture.

Murder Mystry

Our VR AR (XR) enabled Murder Mystery game is a particularly fun option that gets teams on a serious mission of uncovering a crime through various stages of decision making and resolving conflicts.

So, do try something different today with us.

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