Power of Experiential Learning & Gamification

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Power of Experiential Learning & Gamification: Today, we conducted a fun and exhilarating (Filled with great realizations) offsite program for a team of Abbott! Their team lead flew down from Switzerland to meet the team and strengthen the ties before they start another big project… Conducted a live escape room challenge to reiterate and encourage the magic of teamwork. -Post the game, teams organically shared their experiences, some said listening, constant focus, and eye to detail led to their success; while the leader was honest and brave enough to openly share an important realization. She said that she noticed that not everyone in her team was comfortable sharing ideas even when their approach was correct thus questioning her own leadership skills. She thought she should have created a better conducive environment. Such is the power of experiential learning and gamification; it provides you with instant gratification and tons of realization in a playful safe environment.

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