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Introduction: Mumbai, the bustling metropolis on India’s west coast, is not only known for its thriving business hub but also for its proximity to some fantastic offsite team building venues. Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat, team-building workshop, or simply a weekend getaway to strengthen your team’s bonds, Mumbai offers an array of options. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the finest offsite locations near Mumbai that double as excellent team building venues.

  • The Machan, Lonavala Nestled amidst the serene forests of Lonavala, The Machan offers an eco-friendly escape. Its treehouses and luxurious cottages are perfect for a unique team bonding experience. The tranquil surroundings provide an ideal setting for team-building activities, workshops, and relaxation.
  • Della Resorts, Lonavala Della Resorts in Lonavala is renowned for its adventure park and luxurious accommodations. Apart from thrilling adventure activities, they also have spacious conference rooms and team-building facilities to cater to your corporate needs.
  • Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Alibaug Alibaug, located just a ferry ride away from Mumbai, is home to the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa. This beachfront property offers a peaceful environment for team-building workshops, along with modern amenities and picturesque views.
  • The Retreat Hotel & Convention Centre, Madh Island Situated on the serene Madh Island, The Retreat is a haven for team building. They offer spacious conference rooms and plenty of outdoor space for activities. The calm beaches nearby make for a great backdrop for relaxation.
  • Durshet Forest Lodge, Durshet Nestled in the Sahyadri Range, Durshet Forest Lodge is a nature lover’s paradise. The lush green surroundings and adventure activities like rappelling and river crossing make it an exciting choice for team-building retreats.
  • Novotel Imagicaa Khopoli Located near the popular Imagicaa amusement park, Novotel Imagicaa offers a blend of fun and relaxation. The resort has excellent conference facilities and can organize team-building activities tailored to your needs.
  • Saj By The Lake, Malshej Ghat Malshej Ghat, known for its misty mountains, is home to Saj By The Lake. This tranquil resort offers a serene atmosphere and spacious conference facilities for team-building workshops, making it an excellent choice for corporate getaways.
  • Upper Deck Resort, Lonavala Perched atop a hill, the Upper Deck Resort in Lonavala offers stunning panoramic views of the Western Ghats. Their open spaces and well-equipped conference rooms make it an ideal choice for team building sessions.
  • The Dukes Retreat, Igatpuri, The Dukes Retreat is another great option for team building offsites near Mumbai. It’s located in Igatpuri, about a 3-hour drive from the city. The retreat offers a variety of team building activities, such as rappelling, archery, and kayaking. It also has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and other amenities to help you relax and rejuvenate
  • Radisson Hotel Karjat, Karjat, a picturesque town in Maharashtra’s Raigad district, has become a sought-after destination for those seeking a tranquil yet adventurous getaway from the bustling streets of Mumbai. Amidst the lush greenery and serene landscapes of Karjat, you’ll find the Radisson Hotel Karjat, an exceptional offsite team building venue that offers the perfect blend of comfort, natural beauty, and modern amenities.
  • The Resort on Madh Island, located on the tranquil shores of Madh Island, just a short drive from Mumbai’s bustling city center, The Resort is a renowned destination for those seeking a serene and rejuvenating escape. With its picturesque beachfront setting and modern amenities, it serves as an exceptional offsite team building venue that combines business and leisure seamlessly.
  • Dukes Retreat, Khandala, nestled in the lap of the Sahyadri Mountains, just a short drive from Mumbai and Pune, Dukes Retreat in Khandala is a haven for those seeking a serene yet invigorating environment for team building and corporate retreats. With its stunning hillside location and a range of facilities designed for business and relaxation, Dukes Retreat offers a remarkable offsite team building experience that harmonizes productivity and natural beauty.
  • The Forest, Karjat, Karjat, with its lush green landscapes and serene ambiance, has become a favoured destination for those seeking an idyllic retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. Among the many gems of Karjat is “The Forest,” a luxurious resort that offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities, making it an ideal offsite team-building venue. An Enchanting Escape for Team Building and Relaxation”

 Mumbai and its neighbouring areas are a treasure trove of offsite team-building venues, offering a blend of natural beauty, adventure, and modern amenities. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an adrenaline-packed adventure, these hotels and resorts near Mumbai provide the perfect backdrop for strengthening your team’s bonds and enhancing productivity. Consider any of these venues for your next corporate getaway, and watch your team thrive in the nurturing environment they provide.

TBGC offers one of the best corporate events team building company in India with specialization in corporate team outing and off-sites by providing innovative and high impact corporate gaming programs.

We collaborate closely with clients to create tailor-made offsite activities that align with specific objectives, themes, or organizational goals. Customization ensures that the activities have a direct impact on the company’s desired outcomes.

These off-site activities by TBGC are designed to cater to various team-building needs, whether it’s enhancing communication, fostering creativity, building leadership skills, or simply providing a fun and memorable experience for employees during corporate offsite events.

We have a wide portfolio of concepts both indoors and outdoors for off-sites:

 Outdoor activities conducted during off-site’s:

  • Geo Hunt Olympics we offer the best of both the worlds, your group will put not only their logical, decision making and sporting tactics but also their teamwork to test as they compete to complete a series of Olympic-style innovative team tasks right in the office space!
  • Ancient Viking games: Exciting skill-based team challenge through centuries old throwing games with Vikings roots. The games require good indulgence of dexterity and team work to perform well.
  • Race to Reboot (city race): An incredible mix of sightseeing and team building, Players are put in teams. Everyone at the starting line login’s to the Drive Around platform. The teams on their devices will need to decipher clues which will lead them to various locations. Enroute they will need to solve challenges, puzzles and trivia in turn highlighting on intersecting aspects of the location. Once at the location the platform will get participants to perform further challenges, take pictures and videos before leading them to another location
  • Team Olympics: Add to that mix a generous dose of fun and rituals, music, war cries, score boards and super enthusiastic commentators – and that is the recipe for an electric atmosphere! Team Olympics has series of unique outdoor/indoor team building games that are designed with teamwork as a basis. Fun and challenging, our rotation system insures maximum participation.

Indoor activities conducted during off-site’s:

  • Inside Out: The most interactive TEAM GAME SHOW out there! Get ready for an exciting hour of intriguing team tasks, engaging team work, countless points and the best prize of all, bragging right Inside Out is a gamified intervention to rejuvenate one’s 3 basic work-life pillars, Mind, Body & Teamwork
  • Modern Board Games: Experience an array of never seen before strategic & compelling table top games with multiple engaging games to choose from, these masterpieces will at times compel you to think analytically, outwit each other, negotiate hard, or even collaborate, but all in the most engaging and fun way!
  • The Ultimate Team Challenge:  Creates the entire enigma of an escape room just on the table. Provide the participants the thrill of working together to decipher codes, solve clues, interact with objects to unravel mysteries
  • Murder Mistry Mavericks: A thrilling and immersive team challenge. In this activation players are put in teams to uncover a hard boiling case. Every team member gets a special role to play, individual contribution of every player commensurate team results. Teams are tested to not only solve the case the fastest but also the most accurately.

Planning your next offsite with your entire workforce? As they say, “Getting good players is easy. Getting them to play together is the hard part.” Let us help you build on strong minds into one stronger Team; all through play!

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