How Well Do We Know Each Other?

What Will I Learn?

How Well Do We Know Each Other

“Building a strong team”, “Creating a sense of interpersonal relationships”, “Transparency”, and “Understanding and Knowing your colleagues”.You may have come across these terms somewhere for sure but how do we make all of this happen? Sometimes the team is new or has an unbalanced team dynamic to work with, In certain situations we feel the tension and sometimes we find it a bit difficult to even break the ice amongst the members.

How Well Do We Know Each Other?

So, what do we do?

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected work environments, building strong interpersonal relationships with colleagues has become more crucial than ever. Beyond simply working together, understanding and knowing your colleagues on a deeper level can significantly enhance workplace dynamics, boost productivity and create a spirit of oneness. So let’s explore how getting to know your colleagues at your workplace can lead to improved interpersonal chemistry, increased focus on productivity, and the creation of an energetic work environment.

How Well Do We Know Each Other?

We at TBGC, have come up with a simple but very powerful solution to not only use it as an Icebreaker but also help your team to get to know each other or at least a thing or two. We Call it “Now YOU Know ME”. It’s an activity that will help you know the important aspects of your team and meet them as it goes on for the team.  It is our web base platform, participants are asked to log in with the Link. QR codes are distributed in the room.

This is based on the idea of question games created to give you a quick hint about one person or more. We have divided this activity into two phases, the first phase is to log in and put your details and answer the questions the platform asks you. Which would be on the lines of what you like, Where were you born to what color of clothes you are wearing. The second phase is where we go around the room and find the people whose personas have been created and earn points when you guess as well when someone makes a correct guess about you. This created a fun, healthy but chaotic atmosphere where people go on the hunt to find and know as many team members as possible. There is a live leaderboard with scores as well the pictures taken during the activity showing throughout on the screen making it more engaging and competitive at the same time. We close it by calling out the members with the highest points and the lowest just so that no one is left “unknown”- Pun intended.

How Well Do We Know Each Other?

If done with the right intention, it has a meaningful start in developing meaningful relationships with your colleagues and fosters trust and open communication. When team members know each other well, they are more comfortable sharing ideas, opinions, and concerns. This transparency leads to more effective collaboration, as colleagues are better equipped to address conflicts and find common ground. A foundation of trust allows for honest feedback and constructive criticism, contributing to personal and professional growth.

We would like to leave with this thought however, doing team engagements and breaking ice is important but investing time and effort in getting to know your colleagues at your workplace can have far-reaching benefits. Building interpersonal solid chemistry cultivates trust, effective communication, collaboration, and a supportive work environment. By acknowledging and appreciating each other’s unique qualities, individuals can work together seamlessly, focusing on productivity and achieving shared goals. Moreover, fostering a sense of oneness creates a positive work environment that nurtures employee well-being, job satisfaction, and ultimately, organizational success. So, take the initiative to connect with your colleagues, and watch as your workplace transforms into a hub of synergy, productivity, and camaraderie.

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