Have you ever been to a silo on a farm?

What Will I Learn?

A silo is a tall, structure with no windows, designed to store grain. One of our biggest corporate training asks is to get rid of the ‘Silos Mentality’. The silo mentality crops up too often in businesses. Departments store — even hoard –information, leaving it inaccessible to the rest of the company. And resistance to sharing information benefits no one. Through a fun next-gen experiential gamified tool, we immersed our high-performing leaders (Department heads of various teams) from Capgemini to take up a space expedition challenge. They as corporations have to finish most mission cards to be crowned as leaders of outer space. The game was a mind-opening experience for the participants as they proceeded from rounds 1 to 2, leaders soon realized how they were naturally stooped to work in silos, not fully being aware of the objective at hand. Post round 1, 3 teams, saw tangible results of 2.5x, 3x & 6x increases in GROWTH as they altered their strategy but more importantly, shifted their mindset and approach. Thank you, Alok Kumar Verma, The Board Game Co for once again trusting The Board Game Co, to deliver this workshop for the team at Capgemini, Bengaluru.

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