30 mins

Indoor / Outdoor

10 - 1000


  • Energizer
  • Motor Skills
  • Proactive Communication
  • Values & Culture Based
  • Collaboration
  • Team Work
  • High Engagement
  • Conference
  • Offsite
  • Annual Day
  • R&R’s (Recognition and Rewards)
  • Family Day
  • Induction/Induction
-Motor Skills


Release your inner dice-flinging champion in the captivating game of “Tumbling Dice.” This tabletop experience combines strategic thinking, shuffleboard finesse, and the thrill of rolling the dice. Drawing inspiration from timeless classics like carom and marbles, Tumbling Dice gives gravity a stylish twist, putting your skills in the spotlight.

Why Choose This Activity

“Tumbling Dice” offers a perfect blend of strategy, skill, and luck, making it an engaging choice for team-building events or friendly competitions. Assemble your team and engage in a dynamic game where precision and calculated moves lead to success. The game’s dynamic gameplay and surprises ensure that every participant, regardless of skill level, will have an exciting experience. Whether you’re seeking a competitive edge or a lighthearted gaming adventure, “Tumbling Dice” promises to deliver fun and entertainment for everyone.
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