10 - 1000


  • Solve-Pose-Click-Rediscover
  • Collaboration
  • Team Work
  • Mind Stimulating
  • Negotiation
  • Trust
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication
  • Conference
  • Offsite
  • Annual Day
  • R&R’s (Recognition and Rewards)
  • Family Day
Although the game sums up in a interesting and self admiring route, makes the participants rediscover that they have all that it takes to be a Powerhouse!


Power of YOU is an engaging game designed for participants to log into a platform, solve clues and puzzles, and unlock values upheld by famous and successful women worldwide. They are then assigned entertaining tasks related to these values, involving photos and videos. This activity ultimately helps participants discover the “Power of You.”

Why Choose This Activity

Power of YOU is a compelling digital intervention that enhances employee engagement. It encourages participants to delve into the attributes of inspirational women, embark on interesting DIY tasks, and perform “Be her/him” activities to earn points. It’s an ideal choice to promote engagement, learning, and self-discovery among employees and inspire them through the achievements of remarkable women.
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