60 mins


10 - 1000


Key insights experienced, proving the power of Collaboration:
  • Round 2 scores greater than Round 1 scores
  • Collaborative effort greater than Individual effort
  • Conference
  • Offsite
  • Annual Day
  • R&R’s
  • Family Day
  • Orientation / Induction
  • Product Launch
  • Marketing Event
Facilitator introduces the game and provides all the basic instructions of the game.
Round 1
All the participants start the game together and play the game individually Post game 1, results highlighting key data points on performance at organizational level are shared
Round 2 – Mega Twist
The participants play the game again individually but this time, the scores of two/three individuals are going to be combined as teams
Before gameplay, 10mins are provided to teams to discuss learning, key insights and strategies to maximize team scores Post round 2, results highlighting key data points on performance at organisational level are shared.


Number Crunch offers a thrilling blend of skill, excitement, and entertainment. Inspired by Bingo, it’s a high-paced, skill-driven team challenge. Participants join a video call, where a game host provides instructions, and everyone logs into the platform. The game unfolds as players make calculated decisions within a time constraint, aiming to outscore their competitors.

Why Choose This Activity

Number Crunch is perfect for those seeking a fast-paced and skillful team challenge. It encourages quick thinking, strategic decision-making, and teamwork. If you want an engaging and entertaining team-building activity that fosters healthy competition and brings out the best in your team, Number Crunch is the ideal choice.
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