60 mins


10 - 1000


  • Instructural Design
  • Conference
  • Offsite
  • Annual Day
  • R&R’s (Recognition and Rewards)
  • Family Day
  • Orientation
-Resource management
-Design Thinking


The Marshmmello Challenge is a fun and dynamic team-building activity that presents teams with the deceptively simple task of constructing the tallest freestanding structure, topped with a marshmallow, using provided resources and a limited time frame. This challenge is an excellent way to explore and enhance teamwork dynamics.

Why Choose This Activity

The Marshmmello Challenge is the ideal choice if you want to ignite collaboration, innovation, and creativity within your team while having a blast. It encourages early participation and unveils valuable insights into teamwork dynamics. This engaging design challenge offers teams a unique blend of fun and instruction, making it an excellent addition to any team-building event or training session
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