Delivered an Experiential Intervention to Bring out the Fundamentals of Ambit Private Limited Culture

What Will I Learn?

Delivered an experiential intervention to bring out the fundamentals of Ambit Private Limited Culture, #Ambitree; a culmination of values and beliefs of the organization. We developed a tech-enabled live custom escape room experience for the senior-most leadership of Ambit.

What better than an immersive gamified intervention to bring out the fundamentals of an organization’s culture?! -Gamified experiences provide instant gratification, you know what behaviors led to your success or failure, almost instantly -Aids in opening up one’s horizons and deepens realization -Provides a safe playground to experiment and try out new strategies -Gets the team together in the most organic way -Increases the team morale by adding tons of excitement and fun Recently conducted a tech-enabled, live, custom make Escape Room programs for the senior most leadership team of Ambit Private Limited Sneak peek into the post-game insight-sharing.

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