Best Diwali Activities Ideas For The Office That Can Help You Celebrate Diwali With Your Team!

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Diwali is a significant and joyous occasion celebrated by millions of people around the world. And here comes the most exciting time of the year that we all eagerly wait for, the ultimate festival of lights, Diwali! It’s a vibrant and joyous celebration in India as well as in other countries.

Incorporating Diwali theme team building activities into your workplace can be a great way to promote teamwork and the morale of your fellow employees during the festive season.

We love it when the festive session is near and preparation is about to take its place, so here are some amazing office activities for Diwali which will help you create an amazing festive atmosphere in your office.


When the people at work are full of energy and excitement, Inside-out Diwali stands at the top tier as it’s out and out full-on energy, and Rush of Diwali, a mixture of physical, mental, and team-related challenges generates a healthy Diwali competition.

A team challenge to work for your mind, body, and team with fun Diwali-themed challenges. This is done through a simple and systematic web base platform, making it more fun and engaging!

Rama’s Safarnama

The story of lord Rama through the new age gamification lens takes Diwali activities for adults in office to the next level where gamification meets reality. A treasure hunt designed in your office space reflecting the journey of Lord Rama. This is a thrilling Diwali activity best suited for teams to get to know each other while reliving the journey of Rama in Ramayan.

That’s not it! You also come across the element of Augmented reality (AR) where you along with your team not only go on the journey with Rama but also solve clues and puzzles to help in his journey!

Meet the incredible characters of Ramayana in this journey through AR.

One Vision Diwali

As this also marks a new year for most of us, it’s important that the Team understand the vision and mission for the new year of prosperity.

One Vision is an activity that gives an amazing perspective on these lines, where the teams are divided and asked to replicate a design on their team canvas but at the same time, they are not aware that they are working on the common goal as one big team. (The BIG picture)

Design created by our team of ace artists making it doable and meaningful at the same time.

Creates a lot of joy and prospects on the occasion of Diwali!

Ramayana Escape Room

The legendary story told to us for years and the concept of good over bad is very well highlighted in this activity, through the Multiverse of Ramayan.

An escape room scenario created on the abduction of goddess Sita and how you along with your team can help in saving her.

An apt activity for enthusiasts to get the Diwali competition rolling as you get to decipher clues and puzzles on this journey but also works magic for everyone to understand the capabilities and importance of the team members.

Diwali Mela

Gen generation, super-fast paced tabletop games we get to convert your office to a fun Diwali Mela. We create an environment in your office with numerous fun board games and design board games tournaments, where you and your team can join in to play against the other teams to have a healthy Diwali competition and create a lot of energy!

Diwali bingo & World of Vegas

What is Diwali without having some card or Cassino games right? These games are designed along the lines of competition. It creates a fast pace environment and checks on your quick thinking and decision-making skills.

Giving you the spirit of overall Diwali activities for adults in the office and making you feel like the ultimate winner at the end of it.

Diwali minute to win it games

This will give your team some high adrenaline rush as the team competes in these activities which need to be done in 60 seconds, designed on the lies of Diwali celebrations, and gives an overwhelming sense of achievement at the end of these activities.

These are some office activities for Diwali which can get you and your coworkers into the Diwali spirit and enjoy the session of light and everything good so go ahead and pick one and if you really want to enjoy this Diwali with your team then pick more than one!

We will make sure the spirit keeps going on for your teams at the office!

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