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Last week we were conducting a virtual engagement session for 40 participants from an IT giant. It was a 90 minutes fun session where we were doing one of the very popular concepts – Escape Room. The story was that their fearless leader was captured and hidden away in order to derail their company’s continued success. The team was tasked with finding and rescuing their boss. While I was on a call with the leader prior to the session, he showed a very keen interest in participating in the session. Well, it was a catch-22 situation for us as we wanted him to join but he was the one who was abducted and it wouldn’t make sense if he is the one rescuing himself 😉 We tentatively asked him if he would be ok to join with a different identity. To our surprise, he instantly agreed, he said, ‘I can be anyone just to be with the team, I can be Shahrukh Khan as well’ He did arrive at the session as Shahrukh Khan (just changed his name) and also danced like him. Everyone had a blast seeing their leader enjoy it so much. One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is getting so wrapped up in achieving results, they forget to ensure that the team needs to have fun along the way. We learned an important leadership lesson from this leader – It’s important to participate & have fun with your team.

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